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Technology: Opening the Door to Music Participation

Tod Machover, a composer, inventor, and educator, has a real understanding of the power of music to transform lives, and in making music accessible through technology. He believes that participation is essential to reap the benefits of music. In this video from the TED website, he discusses his thoughts on music participation and his work. Dan Ellsey, a 34 year-old musician with cerebral palsey and Adam Boulanger, a technology expert give a vivid illustration of how technology can help us overcome challenges and adapt to the needs of the music participant.


Music Education Blog Carnival – May 2010

Alan Zweibel hosts this month’s Music Education Blog Carnival, a compilation of blog posts related to music education that appears at a different music education bloggers website each month during the school year. Thanks to Alan for compiling this outstanding resource and for including me in this month’s edition:
Link to the May 2010 Music Education Blog Carnival