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Music Education Advocacy Quote for Today (March 6th 2011)

It’s music in our schools month…

“Every step we take and every sound we make has a rhythm. Music therefore, is inherently human – and lack of commitment to music education is inhumane.”   

– Craig M. Cortello

El Sistema (Video): Classical Music Saving 300,000 Children in Venezuela

This 60 Minutes segment with Bob Simon should be mandatory viewing for any school or jurisdiction considering budget cuts to music education. A program known as El Sistema (The System) and The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra are a model for turning around poverty-stricken children’s lives and giving them hope. It’s noteworthy that Bob mentions specifically “Confidence and Self-Esteem,” which we identified as one of the 9 common lessons of music education that translate into success in my research.

A leader of the program also notes the “irreversible transformation” that takes place in children. Also, a young man who went from a juvenile detention center to clarinet player says, “It’s completely different than when you hold a gun…Music taught me how to treat people without violence.”

60 Minutes Video link