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Teen-Age Time Killers: “How About Guitars?” says This CEO

“You can either stick a guitar or a piano in some people’s hands, or you can stick some pot or some pills or some cigarettes or some booze. Let me know which one is going to reap long term rewards,” he said passionately, “because they both kill time beautifully. So which one do you want your kids to be exposed to? Which one is actually going to be a creative outlet? Because kids by definition are creative, they’re curious.

“Hell of a lot easier, trust me, to learn how to play guitar or piano when you’re seven than when you’re seventeen. It was like learning a new language for me. Our schools need less Ritalin and more guitars.”

Rodger Roeser
The Eisen Agency

Former Bass Guitarist/Lead Singer of Turning Force

More testimonials from CEOs and business leaders on the importance of music education:

Music Education Benefit #8: Individuality (Make Your Own Kind of Music)

Yesterday we posted a wonderful lecture from Sir Ken Robinson regarding the need for an education revolution, and in particular, the need to personalize education so that we cater to the strengths and interests of each individual student. The arts will play a critical role in that revolution. 
Item #8 in our 9 Common Lessons of Music Education that Translate into Success is Individuality. Any form of expression, especially music, is an exercise in self discovery. Determining what makes you unique is perhaps the most important aspect of personal development. Music and the arts help people find their unique “voice” in life rather than just going through the motions. There is perhaps no greater gift we can give our children than those tools of introspection. It’s not about turning all of our students into artists. It’s about giving them the tools to discover who they really are, whether it’s an attorney, a doctor, a carpenter, a mechanic, or a musician.
Also, in the business world, differentiation is essential. We live in an era in which access to information ensures that no company with a leadership position will sustain their edge in terms of product or price for long. It’s just too easy for competitors to replicate their success. The great companies are able to engage customers and create brand loyalty by developing a culture and making the organization a unique expression of that culture.
Make your own kind of music – in the BAND ROOM or the BOARDROOM!

The Amazing Work of Little Kids Rock

The amazing work of the non-profit “Little Kids Rock” and founder Dave Wish. They recently reached the 50,000 mark in terms of the number of kids they have reached with music. I love their focus on music as a vehicle of self-expression.