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Jazz Guitar Picking and Fingering Technique Survey: Players Weigh In

I posed a question of some of the greatest guitar players living in/emanating from/or with ties to New Orleans recently regarding picking/fingering technique that some guitar players grapple with, particularly jazz guitarists:

Q:  Alright guitarists, question. I often prefer using thumb and fingers to pluck chords, especially when omitting a string, but prefer the pick when soloing. I’ve seen some with a “slip” pick that’s attached to a thumb or finger that you can slide around as needed. Have you found an off the shelf solution, and if you’ve developed your own gizmo, what do you use?

Steve Olsen:

“I slip the pick between my index and middle while comping chords or chord melody playing…when I need to solo the pick is handy”

Steve’s website

Davy Mooney:

“I always use pick and fingers, and keep my nails kinda long, so they sound kinda like picks. I wrestled with various solutions for years before settling on this one….”

Davy’s Website


Jimmy Robinson:

“I make a pick with a plastic electrical clamp and a little screwpost. It fits on my index finger. When using my fingers, or thumb, the pick is completely out of the way. It does require re learning technique a bit, but it works for me. Cranston Clements is the other person on earth who uses it. You can see it in this clip”

Jimmy’s website

Bill Solley:

“I play finger style completely using classical guitar technique along with a few of my own!!!”

Bill’s (and vocalist Kim Prevost’s) Website


Chip Wilson and Jimmy Robinson – Acoustic Guitar Greats

I’m always amazed by the access to great music in New Orleans. I’m currently listening to a couple of great practicioners of the acoustic guitar. Chip Wilson’s new CD Constantinople is a 14 song collection demonstrating Chip’s versatility and acoustic guitar mastery. Full CD review upcoming in Where Y’at magazine in New Orleans.

Jimmy Robinson plays in a number of groups in the New Orleans area, most notable the long-running progressive rock combo Woodenhead and the guitar-centric Twangorama which also features Phil deGruy and Cranston Clements. His solo acoustic CD Vibrating Strings is a great collection of half instrumental and half singer-songwriter, all desmonstrating Jimmy’s great guitar skills.