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National Call-in Day to Save Educator Jobs

Today is National Call-in Day to Save Educator Jobs. If you haven’t already done so, please voice your support by calling 866-608-6355.

If you’d like to write, e-mail, or even tweet your congressional representatives, here’s the link.

I’ve also included a couple of brief templates for e-mail or twitter: 

E-mail letter:

“Please support education and resist the temptation to eliminate education jobs. I would ask that you allocate any emergency funding measures needed to prevent such cuts. I would also ask that in particular, you support music and arts education as a necessary requirement in preparing our students for the 21st century workplace that will demand creativity, innovation, and other skills developed through artistic expression.

The only long-term solution for our nation to overcome these economically challenging times is through education. Please demonstrate your commitment by providing the resources necessary to ensure adequate staffing and to allow our dedicated teaching professionals to do their jobs.”

Twitter message

Support educ funding, teaching positions, & necessary funding. Include music and arts ed., a necessary element of effective 21st cent. educ