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Stunning Musical Flash Mob in Copenhagen

In a previous post we highlighted a YouTube video for the shampoo/hair products company Pantene featured a young deaf girl playing violin in a music competition. This “commercial for the viral video era” illustrated the future of advertising – the ability to engage hearts and minds, tell stories, and associate those popular snippets of media with your product – rather than simply 30 seconds on television telling people how wonderful your product or service might be.

This stunning video of a musical flash mob aboard the Copenhagen Metro in cooperation with Radio Klassik is another wonderful illustration of such an engaging short film, and nothing engages hearts and minds more effectively than music.

What I love most about the video are smiles on the faces of people of diverse ages and ethnicities, and the look of wonder and amazement on the faces of the young children.

Advice for Musicians: “Forget the Notes, Play the Vision” says Benjamin Zander

In a previous post, we discussed the lesson of passion in music education, one of the 9 common lessons of music education that translate into success. In this video at the TED website, Benjamin Zander demonstrates his love for classical music about as passionately as anyone I’ve ever seen.

Here’s an excerpt from his rousing speech in which he explains the importance of understanding the holistic message conveyed in a musical piece:

“I have to stop thinking about every single note along the way, and start thinking about the long, long line from B to E. We just came back from South Africa. You can’t go to South Africa without thinking about Nelson Mandela in jail for 27 years. What was he thinking about? Lunch? No. He was thinking about the vision for South Africa and for human beings. This is about vision. This is about the long line – Like the bird who flies over the field and doesn’t care about the fences underneath. This is about vision. This is about the long line.”


We previously featured the program known as El Sistema, a classical music program in Venezuela transforming the lives of at-risk youth through classical music. This video features OrchKids, a program of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra modeled after El Sistema.

El Sistema (Video): Classical Music Saving 300,000 Children in Venezuela

This 60 Minutes segment with Bob Simon should be mandatory viewing for any school or jurisdiction considering budget cuts to music education. A program known as El Sistema (The System) and The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra are a model for turning around poverty-stricken children’s lives and giving them hope. It’s noteworthy that Bob mentions specifically “Confidence and Self-Esteem,” which we identified as one of the 9 common lessons of music education that translate into success in my research.

A leader of the program also notes the “irreversible transformation” that takes place in children. Also, a young man who went from a juvenile detention center to clarinet player says, “It’s completely different than when you hold a gun…Music taught me how to treat people without violence.”

60 Minutes Video link