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Canada’s Music Education Gallery of Champions

I sometimes wonder why there aren’t more testimonials from leaders from a variety of professions who were influenced by music education. Why don’t they speak out more often and more publicly regarding the benefits of music education. I certainly didn’t have any trouble finding plenty of successful business leaders willing to tell me their stories when I wrote my book. One possible answer is that they don’t have a proper, organized forum.

This Canadian website, The Coalition for Music Education, has a Gallery of Champions of musicians and professionals influenced by music education. Not a bad idea.

Link to the Gallery of Champions website
(scroll down to play the audio testimonials)

High-Tech CEOs Say the Value of Liberal Arts Education is Increasing

This from a Canadian (British Columbia) music education advocacy website, the Coalition for Music Education in British Columbia – Note the impressive list of CEOs supporting the value of music education in high-tech industries.

Pierre-Paul Allard
President and Managing Director
Cisco Systems Canada Co.

Everett Anstey
President, CEO and Chairman
Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc.

Paul Bates
President and CEO
Charles Schwab Canada, Co.

Kevin Bennis
President and CEO
Call-Net Enterprises Inc. (Sprint Canada)

Micheline Bouchard
Chairman, President and CEO
Motorola Canada Co.

Paul Butler
Artech Digital Entertainments

Stuart Butts
Chairman and CEO
Xenos Group Inc.

Peter Ciceri
President and Managing Director
Compaq Canada Inc.

Ashraf Dimitri
Oasis Technology Ltd.

Kevin Francis
Chairman, President and CEO
Xerox Canada Inc.

James de Gaspe Bonar
President and CEO
CCH Canadian Limited

Grant Gisel
Sierra Systems Group Inc.

Carl Glaeser
Bowne Internet Solutions

Dean Hopkins
Cyberplex Interactive Media

Robert Johnson
CEO and President
Bowne & Co. Inc.

Jean Monty
President and CEO
BCE Inc.

Michael O’Neil
Country Manager
International Data Corporation

Joseph Pilarski
CEO and Director
Ecompark Inc.

Eugene Polistuk
President and CEO
Celestica Inc.

Doug Steiner
Versus Technologies Inc. (E*Trade)

Carol Stephenson
President and CEO
Lucent Technologies Canada

Guthrie Stewart
Executive Vice President, Global Development
Teleglobe Inc.

Don Tapscott
President and CEO
New Paradigm Learning Corporation

Yves Thibodeau
President, Canadian Division
DMR Consulting Inc.

David Ticoll
Managing Director and CEO
Alliance for Converging Technologies

Paul Tsaparis
President and CEO
Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd.

David Wagner
President and CEO
Unisys Canada Inc.

John Wetmore
President and CEO
IBM Canada Ltd.

Sheelagh Whittaker
President and CEO
EDS Canada Inc.D.

Craig Young
Vice Chairman and President
AT&T Canada Inc.

View the Article Link with the letter that these CEOs compiled and endorsed.

To listen to excerpts from the audio interviews of CEOs and business leaders discussing the correlation between music education and success, click here.