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Kevin Spacey, Winston Churchill on Arts Advocacy

Kevin Spacey recently gave a speech on Arts Advocacy at the Kennedy Center. A brief interview the following day with Chris Matthews of the show Hardball is making the rounds among arts advocates on Twitter. Spacey researched historical testimonials from well-known public figures, and he shared this gem during the speech – Matthews was so struck by it that he asked Spacey to repeat it to his audience:

“When Winston Churchill was Prime Minister and he was told that there were going to be major cuts in arts and culture because of the mounting costs of World War II, he responded with a simple reply, ‘Then what are we fighting for?'”

Link to Kevin Spacey interview with Chris Matthews.

Leadership in Music Education New Jersey: Arts Advocacy Videos

Robert T. Frampton, the organizer/facilitator of leadership workshops for the New Jersey Music Educators Association has developed a website to serve as a resource for music teachers. The content is largely a compilation of material gathered from the preparation/research for those events.

On this page, Frampton has posted several arts advocacy videos:

Arts Advocacy Music Videos Link from the Leadership in Music Education – New Jersey website