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Stunning Musical Flash Mob in Copenhagen

In a previous post we highlighted a YouTube video for the shampoo/hair products company Pantene featured a young deaf girl playing violin in a music competition. This “commercial for the viral video era” illustrated the future of advertising – the ability to engage hearts and minds, tell stories, and associate those popular snippets of media with your product – rather than simply 30 seconds on television telling people how wonderful your product or service might be.

This stunning video of a musical flash mob aboard the Copenhagen Metro in cooperation with Radio Klassik is another wonderful illustration of such an engaging short film, and nothing engages hearts and minds more effectively than music.

What I love most about the video are smiles on the faces of people of diverse ages and ethnicities, and the look of wonder and amazement on the faces of the young children.

Amazing Pantene Commercial, The Future of Advertising, & Why We Need the Arts in Education

This amazing Pantene commercial is extraordinary on several fronts. Number one, it illustrates the future of advertising. In a 21st century multi-media world, you can sell with just facts and information – you’ve got to engage hearts and minds, while entertaining your audience. It also illustrates why we need the arts in our schools. Now more than ever, the sensitivities of the artist are needed in the business world. Notice how subtle yet powerful the message of the sponsor is – the product Pantene doesn’t appear until the final 5 seconds of the video. Brilliant!