Sunday Journal: Fine Arts Can Teach Crucial Life Lessons

This article by Ronnie Sanders, a member of the fine arts faculty at Jefferson High School in San Antonio and an appointee to a sub-Committee of the Texas Commission on the Arts, echoes the sentiments we express here often on the benefits of music and arts education. My takeaways and key points included:

 – “The arts do not exist simply to perform; the arts exist to transform.” (great line!)

 – “We use music to make better students who are ready to use the skills they learn in fine arts classes in order make a significant contribution in a global economy of thinkers, creators and problem-solvers.”

 – “Far from being superfluous, the arts are now regarded as a necessary component of a well-rounded quality education.”

 – “Our children are not mere statistics or cold, calculated averages. At the core of every student is a heart with a desire to excel in life — and the arts are here to help them accomplish their dreams!”

Read the entire article at

Visit Ronnie’s website

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