Patience in Teaching and Nick Burns, the Company Computer Guy

I sometimes get frustrated trying to assist my son with his math homework. He does well in school, but other subjects come easier to him than math. I on the other hand, had an easy time with math but had to work harder at other subjects.

Yet I’m aware that patience is one of the key characteristics of effective teaching. When I’m helping him with math homework, I try to remember what Business guru/speaker/author Brian Tracy says: “Everyone has the capacity to operate at genius levels at something.” It’s important to remember that we’re all wired differently and we’re just trying to use our strengths to help others.

I try to think of something that I’m not good at, and try to think about how frustrated someone might get trying to teach me. I wonder how Dale Earnhardt, Jr. would feel trying to teach me how to rebuild a carburetor or how Paula Abdul might feel showing me a few dance moves.

In an effort illustrate how ridiculous we look to others when you get short-tempered, lose our patience, and speak in a condescending tone, here’s an example that concept exaggerated. It’s a skit from SNL with Jimmy Fallon portraying the geeky company computer guy, Nick Burns:

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