Benefits of Music Education: Getting “Buy-in”

I once interviewed the Development Director for a symphony organization, and he said that when he speaks to representatives from major donor organizations, most were involved in music programs as a child – and that’s the danger of cutting school music programs – the number of individuals who “buy in” to the power and benefits of music education is likely to diminish.

I recently listened to an interview with Dr. Richard Fratianne and a burn patient regarding the benefits of music therapy as a healing aid. Interesting that Dr. Fratianne indicated that music was an integral part of his upbringing.

Visit my Music Advocacy web page for great resources
Here are a few additional stories regarding music and healing

One thought on “Benefits of Music Education: Getting “Buy-in””

  1. I completely endorse all efforts to get children and adults to participate in music programs or learn instruments like piano. There are so many health benefits to learning an instrument and keeping music programs in schools. While researching the affects music has on the brain I came across a great quote by a neuro scientist -Dr Mark Tramo from the harvard medical school, who stated

    “many of the same neurons that are used in music are also used in math, language and thinking”

    Why people would ever want to stop music programs in schools is beyond me!

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