In Music & Business: Treat Everyone Well (A Lesson From B.B. King)

It’s well known in the world of sales that you should treat all people with respect and kindness – First and foremost because it’s the right thing to do – But also because you never know who can influence a sale or refer business to you.

In this excerpt from an interview from the Academy of Achievement, legendary blues guitarist/singer B.B. King discusses how he applied that concept and built a successful and enduring music career:

“I worked very hard to try to make people like me. I worked very hard. I’m kind of like the little dog that goes and gets the paper. He brings it back, you pat him on the head and say, ‘Nice doggie, nice doggie.’ He’ll go back and get two the next time. That’s the way I am, and I try to do that even today. I try to be as nice as I know how to be.

“I love people. I’ll tell you something I don’t tell people often, but I believe all people are good. Sounds funny coming from a Mississippi boy, but it’s the truth. I believe all people are good. Just a very few do bad things. And you know what I believe? They couldn’t find a man like my teacher Luther H. Henson. I could listen to him and I could hear him, and I believe if those bad people could find someone – because there is someone out there I believe that they will listen to. I truly believe that.”

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