VH-1 Behind the Ego

I heard a song on the radio by the band Styx last night, and I was reminded of the episode of the VH-1 series Behind the Music that told the story of the rise and eventual break-up of the band. It was fascinating. The rift between the band’s de facto leader Dennis DeYoung and the rest of the band eventually broke the band apart. I’m not trying to pick on Styx – it’s a fairly common story in the world of music. 

It’s amazing how often egos get on the way of the music when groups become famous. At some point you would think the members of the band would sit down and say, “You know we’ve been given talent (not always the case in pop/rock music, but continuing on…), the great fortune of commercial success, and we get paid to do what we love. We should put our differences aside and get on with it.”

If you’re a musician, you’ve been given a gift, and you have an obligation to use it in a way that helps others experience the joy of music.

What are you doing with your gift?

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