Music Rule #1: Accessibility

When I’m not writing and speaking about the benefits of music education, I serve as the Shouthshore Territory Manager for S.M.I.L.E., Inc. in New Orleans, a 1-stop provider of home technologies (home theater, surround sound, whole-house audio and video, structured wiring, security, etc.). We spend a lot of time with contractors and excited, soon-to-be homeowners. Of all of the services and products we offer, by far we spend the greatest amount of our time discussing and planning easy access to and availability of music.

Audio speaker locations, iPod/iPhone docking stations, volume controls, satellite and digital radio, you name it. Every conceivable permutation of access to music is planned – And why not?

Music & the Quality of Life
The truth is that beautiful cabinets, granite countertops, and crown moulding might impress your friends, but how much do they improve your quality of life compared to access to music? As digital technology has made access to our favorite music more accessible, we are realizing how to incorporate that concept into the design of our homes.

Accessibility Applied to Music Education
The same concept applies to the practicing musician. I always advocate that guitar players keep at least one guitar out on the guitar stand rather than in the case. If your instrument is easy to pick up and play even in 5-10 minute intervals, you’re more likely to practice more often.

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