Musical Interludes: Clearing the Mind and Re-charging Your Batteries

When I was in college, I always kept a guitar or electric piano close by. When I needed a break from studying (or “cramming” in most cases), I found that the release of music for 15-20 minutes really helped re-charge my batteries, so to speak.

I attended the November meeting of the National Speakers Association New Orleans chapter yesterday, with featured speaker Scott Ginsberg, an amazing guy and a fellow guitar player. Scott is a prolific writer and professional speaker. He echoed those same semtiments regarding music. Scott picks up the guitar and plays when he needs a break from the computer.

We got into a discussion regarding why playing guitar (or any instrument) is such a great release. Here are some of the throughts that followed:

“Playing music allows me to:
– clear my mind”
– not have to think, or”
– think in a way that removes barriers and comes from a selfless place”
– express the best part of myself”
– be who I am”
– relax in a way that I can’t otherwise”
– lose myself”

Why do you play?

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