Paul Wesley Roy Awarded Shannon Kelly Kane Scholarship by MENC

I like to acknowledge outstanding accomplishments of music teachers here on occasion because of the tremendous impact that so many music teachers have on the lives of others, including mine.

Paul Wesley Roy of Roundlake, New York was awarded the first annual Shannon Kelly Kane scholarship by MENC for his outstanding performance at Syracuse University, Setnor School of Music. Paul will attend graduate school to study Music Education and Choral Conducting. Congratulations to Paul on his accomplishments and thanks to MENC for recognizing his achievements.

Link to the press release from MENC’s website.

Link to more information about the life of Shannon Kelly Kane and the scholarship.

2 thoughts on “Paul Wesley Roy Awarded Shannon Kelly Kane Scholarship by MENC”

  1. Dear Mr. Cortello,
    This is the same Wesley Roy that you mentioned in your post above. Out of the blue I decided to search for my name on Google to see what would come up, and this appeared. I had no idea that my receiving this award was mentioned anywhere online or that anyone outside of Syracuse University even knew about it. Thank you very much for your recognition – it truly means a great deal to me.

    Wesley Roy

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