Devil May Care: The Bob Dorough Movie

We’ve written about Bob Dorough several times here before. Bob is a unique and wonderful jazz singer/songwriter, but he’s best known as the musical director of Schoolhouse Rock, the cartoon vignettes set to music that taught children Grammar, Math, Science, Multiplication, History. Economics, and Environmental lessons. Bob composed such wonderful songs as “Conjunction Junction” and “Three is a Magic Number,” and through DVDs his music is being passed along to future generations. He continues to perform well into his 80’s.

A group of independent filmmakers is raising money for Devil May Care, a documentary that chronicles Bob’s fascinating career.

To learn more or to contribute to the fund raising efforts of the film, click here.

To go to the Devil May Care Facebook page, click here.

To hear my interview with Bob, click here.

One thought on “Devil May Care: The Bob Dorough Movie”

  1. I love Bob Dorough – his music and himself. But I fear that con-people have exploited his good name and reputation with this film-which-may-never-materialize. The Devil may not care, but I still do!! I keep wondering where the devil this film IS and when the filmmakers will get around to honoring their commitment to the 222 backers who pledged their support? My pledge to their project has soured me on EVER supporting ANYONE else thru crowdsourcing – and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that respect. IT’S BEEN FOUR FREAKIN’ YEARS! WHERE THE DEVIL IS THIS FILM???

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