Creativity & Visualization: The Story of the Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

One of the 5 keys to creativity that I discuss in my presentations is visualization. Creative minds have the ability to think beyond their current reality. Think of Einstein, Disney, and Edison.

That brings us to the story of Mel Torme and Robert Wells. One sweltering summer day Mel came over to Bob’s house. He noticed a spiral notepad on Bob’s piano. Bob had been scribbling thoughts of winter to help cool him down. Mel took a look at the words and told Bob that he thought that he could write a song from those thoughts such as “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,” and “Jack Frost nipping at your nose.”

Forty minutes later, Mel Torme and Robert Wells had written perhaps the greatest and most enduring Christmas song ever composed – in the middle of July.

If you don’t believe that you have that ability (visualization), then work to improve it. Close your eyes a few minutes each day and create something from your own imagination – a vacation spot, a new form of transportation, an animal that has not been discovered. Work your imagination just like you would a muscle.

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