Berklee Music Education Symposium Student Feedback Panel

With all of the metrics used to evaluate the effectiveness of education, it’s important to remember that students are the customers of the education system. Therefore, the ultimate measure of performance is whether or not the students feel as thought their needs were met -whatever those needs might be for the individual student.

With that thought in mind, when Berklee School of Music held a music education symposium recently to discuss best practices, they held a special panel discussion comprised of students discussing their experience and answering questions regarding music education.

Many of the benefits mentioned by the students included those identified in our research such as leadership, confidence, and teamwork and collaboration (See FROM THE BAND ROOM TO THE BOARDROOM…The 9 Common Lessons of Music Education That Translate into Success)

Brenda Pike from Berklee’s Office of Communications captured some of those comments and posted them to the Berklee website. Click here for the article link

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