The Arts: Giving Hope to the Hopeless – Bill Strickland Presentation

I saw a presentation by Bill Strickland, founder of Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, in 2009 that was as memorable as any that I can recall. He is providing opportunities for disenfranchised people from the inner cities of Pittsburgh on whom society had given up. Art and music are central to the environment that they have created both as a symbolic means (creating an atmosphere of hope) and as an economic engine (Training in ceramics, photography, and computer imaging, and the founding of the MCG Jazz music label). Learn more about Bill’s work at the Manchester Bidwell Corporation website

One thought on “The Arts: Giving Hope to the Hopeless – Bill Strickland Presentation”

  1. Bill Strickland,

    I am an English teacher and Special Educational Teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts who also started a free “school after school” entitled Youth Social Educational Training Inc. for teenagers throughout the city. As the program grew I stepped out on faith and bought a high school building. After learning about you, I felt compeled to connect with your initiative. Ultimately, your initiative belongs to all of us.


    Paula Moore
    57 School Street
    Springfield, Ma

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