Sentimental Journey & the Power of Music

I once met a vocalist, and we decided to form a duo and perform around town. After a few months of rehearsing, we started playing at small festivals and restaurants, Shortly thereafter, she notified me that she would be relocating to the East Coast, and that was that. All of that work for nothing.

A few days later she asked if I’d be interested in playing one more time at a local outdoor farmer’s market on Saturday morning. She explained that her mother was coming into town and had never seen her perform live before. One last request – could we add the song Sentimental Journey to the songlist. The song (Doris Day’s version) was her mother’s favorite. Sure. Why not?

It was late July in Louisiana, which means that the crowds convene early in the morning and dwindle as the sweltering heat rises. As we neared the end of the performance, the time came to play the song, and only a few people remained. As we played, I looked out at the handful of people scattered across 4 or 5 tables and another handful standing at various locations across the square. I located her mother. She sat with the brightest smile and sang along to her favorite song, as heard for the first time sung by her daughter.

The song had never had any particular meaning or relevance to me, but I had a moment of clarity. The 7 or 8 practice sessions spread out over 2 or 3 months were worth it. They were all meant to be – only to deliver this one special moment from a daughter to a mother.

And that’s the power of music.

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