Park Howell – Pianist, Advertising Company CEO, Award Winner

Congratulations to Park Howell, one of 32 CEOs and business leaders profiled in my book Everything We Needed to Know About Business, We Learned Playing Music. Park was recently awarded the Ad Person of the year by the American Advertising Federation Metro Phoenix.

Park has a piano in his office, a source of creative inspiration. He also has a band room where employees can participate in music. Here’s an excerpt from the book from Park regarding the importance of music in his development and career:

“It [music] influentially helps you identify with something outside of your regular day-to-day world. It gives you a place to go for different perspectives on what the job may be at hand. Without it, I would feel as though I were at least a third diminished in my capabilities to do other things well.

“When they strip out music, when they strip out arts, they’re stripping out the things in my mind that make us all human. Everything else is so cold; it’s so binary. It’s on/off. One plus one equals two. You write a sentence this way. The arts is the thread that runs through it all… It’s the softer side of life.”

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