The 3 R’s – An Archaic Approach to Education?

Interesting article by James Carlini regarding the outdated nature of the “3 R’s in education. The author suggests a F-A-C-T approach instead for the new, post information-age economy (Flexibility, Adaptability, Creativity, and Technology). The article is entitled The Re-Education of Education.

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3 thoughts on “The 3 R’s – An Archaic Approach to Education?”

  1. Craig,

    Thank you for highlighting my article on Education. Music is not a “frill subject” and if you really looked at most of the “better” software developers and engineers, you would find that they had some music background.

    I started at Bell Laboratories as a software developer and many had music backgrounds there. (I happened to have a four-year degree in Instrumental Music Ed. but many – even with Electrical Engineering degrees – had strong music ties)

    There is a very simple and strong correlation – in both music and software development, you must think a little abstractly and be able to recognize and understand symbolic representation. There are rules to music theory and constructs (composition issues, chords, chord progressions) just as there are in software architecture (procedures, structures, etc.)

    We have too many public school administrators that need to step out and work in the business world to get a better understanding of what the real world is and curriculum that is needed. That being said, it should apply to teachers as well.

    I have taught for over 25 years in the undergrad and executive graduate programs at both Northwestern and DePaul Universities as an adjunct professor and as I said in my article – have seen the products of the public schools.

    I hope my article gets school districts to re-think their priorities.

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