Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity in Education

One of the common benefits of music education that I found in conducting the research for my book Everything We Needed to Know About Business, We Learned Playing Music was its value in developing creativity that transcends into all of ones endeavors. Creativity is like a muscle – it will either strengthen with use or wither with inactivity. My greatest concern – where will our children exercise their creativity “muscles” without music and arts education in our schools.

Here’s what Sir Ken Robinson has to say about the importance of creativity:
“I believe passionately that creativity is as important now as literacy and we should be promoting it with the same seriousness, but schools do not promote creativity routinely.”

To watch Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation on creativity and education, click here.

To listen to CEOs and business leaders discussing the role of music education in shaping their careers and facilitating their success, click here.

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