MusicianCorps – A Peace Corps for Music Education

A great story regarding the impact of music in the classroom. Interesting quote that echoes the sentiments in my book:

Their vision is to use music to teach “21st century skills like perseverance,  discipline and collaboration, ” essential elements on the bandstand and beyond,  he said. “These are the skills of the musician, ” Gallagher said. “They are also the skills you need whether you want to be an engineer,  an architect or an artist.”

Here’s the MusicianCorps “Theory of Change”:
“If people, especially young people in disadvantaged populations, are given opportunities to participate in ongoing music-making and service activities facilitated by musicians, they will gain important 21st century workforce skills and be more active in civic life.

If musicians are encouraged to serve as mentors and teachers, they will also become more active in the civic life of their communities.

Combined, these efforts will enhance education levels and employment possibilities among youth and musicians, as well as increase civic engagement among youth and adults in the larger community.”

Link to article

Link to MusicianCorps website

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