Remembering the Joy of Vinyl Albums

It seems that vinyl albums are popping up in stores again these days.  Indeed, I’ve heard from audiofiles that they prefer vinyl because although CD’s are a cleaner sound in terms of background noise, vinyl has a warmer feel and sound – Like you’re in the studio with the musicians when they were recording.

There were also aspects of the physical nature of the large album cover, photos or posters that were often included, and inserts or extensive liner notes that often accompanied vinyl albums.

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming book from my interview with Joe Santa Maria, a guitarist/singer/songwriter from Worchester, MA regarding the thril of vinyl:

“I can still remember that Christmas my mother got me the best gift in the world, The White Album,” he said. “The double records and the posters and the pictures. I can still remember coming home from Christmas. I couldn’t play the record. I got it, but then I couldn’t play it [until he came home later that day]. I had to walk around with it all day.”

He added, “Coming home Christmas night and crawling into bed and just looking at The White Album! Like ‘I’ve got The White Album!’ Looking at the lyrics and then just playing it really soft so no one could hear it. And to this day, it’s still my favorite album of all time.”

“That is missing from music now,” he said in reference to the purchase of tangible vinyl as opposed to digital downloads. “I can’t wait to see what the cover looks like, and I can’t wait to flip it over and stare at it while I’m listening to it. The bands don’t have that kind of lure to them. You had no money, so it was a big deal that you bought it. It was so much fun.”

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